Welcome to the future of the High Quality and Live Content Virtual Reality platforms.

KUDU VR was created to focus on delivering state of the art VR products to satisfy the needs in a variety of sectors that include: Entertainment, Music, Advertaiment, Sports and Video Real Estate, Tourism, Security and Medical.

Welcome to KUDU VR.

Our objective is to be a major global VR Streaming and Content Delivery Platform with state of the art technology and the highest Quality Subject-Matter.

KUDU VR Amazing Features.

Powerful specialized tool

Kudu ads, is a powerful specialized tool to broadcast and distribute 360-degree advertising videos.

VR ADServer

Kudu ads is the world’s first VR ADServer, which not only works with VR apps and platforms, but also supports traditional mobile devices by reproducing a 360 lineal experience.


We connect with the world’s leading ADNetworks which allow us to operate segmented international audiences, serving over 10 billion geo-targeted ad impressions. We support the editors of all vertical markets and guarantee a 100% of inventory monetization

360 experience

The platform operates with 360 degree native produced contents or with plain / lineal spots that the platform then integrates into a 360 scenario, allowing the user to live an immersive 360 experience.

Content 360

360 Content – 360 Audio – An immersive experience – Reach segmented audiences – Pricing models – Real time Statistics – Maximum publisher revenue.

Our solution includes the following modules:

Benefits for the producer:
Distribution, broadcasting and fast monetization.

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