Kudu 360 Streaming


· Solution for the surfing dynamics:

In Kudu, we carefully study the way users surf, search and view contents, organize their day and manage the stuff they like the most, in order to access them immediately when necessary.

The objective of every web-developer is that the user gets used to manage the site in the short-term. In Kudu we have all that covered and solved, and we are updated with the latest navigability developments, web technologies and functionalities to always give a final product where users can live an outstanding experience.

Kudu VR. Is aimed to be an intuitive platform, easy to navigate and quick to learn, we will bring our experience with GoLive that has produced through trial and error, the implementation of instinctive functions that deliver seamless viewing experience to our users.


· Good bye to the buffering problem:

With Kudu 360 Stream, state-of-the-art technology for the transportation of a live or on-demand video, is no longer a concern if what is sought is to reach thousands or millions. For the first time in the world, there is a technology allowing to exponentially grow an audience without loosing quality, and with real flat rates.

Kudu 360 Stream HD allows transmitting video efficiently to multi-platforms, with no interruptions due to congestion, no network saturation, it is HD Ready, FullHD, 4k or 3DHD and it allows streaming several qualities, so all user can use the product equally.


· Catalogue

Our catalog is designed with original contents produced ad hoc by our creative team focused on the following verticals: Music, sports, tourism, air, adrenaline, blogs, sexy. We also design an original and exclusive catalog for each client.