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Virtual reality is an environment of scenes or objects of real appearance, generated by computer technology, that creates the feeling of being immersed in it.This environment is contemplated by the user through VR glasses or VR head gear. This may be accompanied by other devices such as gloves or a special suit that allow improved interaction with the environment and the perception of different stimuli that enhance the sensation of reality.

The application of virtual reality, although initially centered in the field of entertainment and video games, has spread to many other fields such as medicine, archaeology, artistic creation, military training or flight simulation.


  • It is a powerful visual tool that provides the user a ludic experience impossible to compare with other tools.
  • Utilized in various fields such as medicine, education, entertainment, real state, etc.
  • This virtual reality gadget can be used  to experience new virtual worlds, interacting with multiple users at once.
  • The user’s movements are expressed naturally in virtual reality, since the movement of an arm or the entire perception of the body, is reproduced in the digital world.
  • It is possible, outside the scope of the games, to practice a skill without much risk, such as aviation.
  •  You can perform simulation experiments. To find out for example, how people reacts in an emergency exit situation in a bowling alley, among many other possibilities.
  • It could also bear therapeutic applications due to the exposure of a 360° environment in which the user can exercise the response of the neuromotor system.
  • It allows developers to create environments where users can try different products before buying.

We offer a comprehensive solution where we analyze, design, develop and deploy applications for Virtual Reality environments, ad-hoc for each projectWe get involved from the creative gestation and the generation of the business plan to the final delivery of the application. Providing not only the differential value created in conjunction with the client distribution strategy but also adding our powerful network of partners in Brazil, Mexico, the Caribbean and USA.
A 360 video, either immersive or spherical, is achieved by recording a real scene in 360 degreesOnce inside glasses or a Virtual Reality helmet  (Oculus Rift, Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR PlayStation, etc.) the user is able to live the experience from the first person perspective, from within the scene and controlling the camera direction and speed. Any point of view is available and at the discretion of the viewer becoming an active part of the action, since he or she will choose which direction they want to look at.

Image processing is a key element, since the sequences are recorded with a set of cameras in Full HD that capture the entire view of what will be the main eventOnce we have the raw video it is submitted into a complex post-production process, which provides the spherical effect on all sequences at a constant speed of action to deliver a high quality output.

We produce 360 fully immersive content, our service ranges from pre-production to the final stitchingWe shot in water, on moving vehicles, mountain, beach and or fixed scenarios. We have production equipment in Argentina, Chile, Mexico and USA

We have the technology required for the transmission of live events at an immersive 360°. The signal can be replicated through our own OTT platform or any other platform / application.