The problem

Today’s scenario: Virtual Reality as a bonafide media is an emerging market full of opportunities with limitless applications from arts and entertainment to education and science, including every human experience anyone can possibly think of, where the big players are manufactures focused on just creating devices and hardware that are catered to a large scale in major markets around the world; however, the user experience and the added value to the Platform is the major challenge due to lack of useful and meaningful content for the end user. It is expected that by 2018 there will have more than 70 million people connected to a platform with a breathtaking gaming experience but little content they can consume. We ARE creating exciting and meaningful content that will be disrupt this huge/boundless market.


The solution

Kudu VR is a breakthrough system that provides a suite of content that singularly and organically distributes the most exciting and vibrant Virtual Reality experience, right from your Mobile Device in real time.

Kudu VR visionaries are first and foremost passionate fans of this technology, we are futurists with the power to harness this opportunity, We are a team of experts, which operates in total production chain, including not only the integral production of 360 content but also the development of apps and Vertical Business, both proprietary and for third parties as for the suitable environments for the distribution of such contents.

Kudu VR is the right solution for this need; it is the right vision for harnessing this new opportunity. Kudu VR has technical support around the clock, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • We operate in 3 languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English.
  • 360º 4K Stream quality and 360º immersive audio.”
  • Multi Format VOD Live and Simulated Live. 360 or RV produce content for helmets or glasses virtual reality and multi-platform.
  • LD Visual Flux Optimization: Interfaces design for friendly users, function planning and new technology development. Music LIVE programs, documentary and video clips.